Event Management Paper – Birmingham, AL

You have been reading the book and have now come to the point where you should be able to find an event on-line that you like.  You are being asked to critique it for marketability and evaluate it for attraction, ease of navigation through the website, payment options, and likelihood that others will attend.  Finally, you are asked to give your opinion of the event, so feel free to apply your knowledge and support your statements.
This event can be a concert, wedding, tourist destination, or party of any sort that you like, but must be featured to take place in the city assigned to you.  You will get this assignment from Dr. Harris after the drop/add period.  We have to determine who is officially in the class for the semester before we can make assignments.
Rubric:  This assignment is worth 75 points; this project is open as of the first day of class, but is due the Friday of the week assigned by 11:59 PM.  No late projects will be accepted.
You Must Include the Following or the Paper WILL NOT BE GRADED:  Submit as a Word Document containing a link to a website marketing an event you find interesting and provide an evaluation of the site as well as the overall event as marketed.  
Use 12 point font in Courier or Times New Roman style, .5″ margins all around, double-space between headings and all text under the headings (except for main title of paper, see below).  Use proper grammar, spelling, and mechanics. Your document must be no more than 3 pages, numbered (center the page number at the bottom of each page).
Start with:
Main Title/Title of the Event (not a separate page from the document)– begin project with the following information at top of document, centered, using Upper and Lower Case lettering.  This information is at the top of page 1 and considered the first page of the project.  This is the only information that will be single spaced:  Name of Event (first line under main title), Date of Event (second line), Type of Event (third line), Location of Event (fourth line), Your First and Last Name (fifth line), Title of This Course (HFT 3542, Event Management), and Fall 2021(sixth line).  On the seventh line, Insert the LINK for the event.
Double space after the above information and begin:
Body of Paper beginning on page 1 just under the Main Title/Title of the Event information:
20 points for addressing the topics under each of the following headings: These are to be as in your first project paper; indented five spaces with the text under them introduced with the first sentence indented five spaces, and the remaining text in each paragraph flush left with right ragged edges.
Type of Client Most Likely to Attend (describe–demographics such as age, interests, why they would be attracted to this event, etc.)
Ease of  Website Navigation
Payment Options and Guarantees/Return Policy
Likelihood of Success
My Opinion of the Event (this is worth 5 points of the 75 total points possible)
References (if needed for photo or other material resource citation)
Again, points will be deducted for writing as you speak (you must use collegiate mechanics), improper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  
As indicated, the Total Point Value of this project is 75 points.  Enjoy it and offer your opinion of the assignment if you would like.  We appreciate your feedback!  
Please understand that there are many students in this class, so this will take some time to grade.  We will post your grade with feedback, if needed, when we have completed the evaluation process.
Have Fun and pick a media-rich, exciting event that you would consider attending!
The event must take place in Birmingham, Alabama