Evidence based prac


Evidence based medicine provides a sense of safety for new and old technologies and procedures that are implemented or continuously used in the healthcare field.


  • Analyze the need for Evidence Based Medicine
  • Understand the importance of Critical Thinking as a practitioner
  • Evaluate the importance of Ethical behavior


Step 1: Read the following trial summary and be prepared to research and create a 5-7 page research paper. This project will be due in week five as your Mid-Term.

Step 2:  Your paper must:

  • Address how evidence based medicine supports no longer using open lung ventilation and the initial strategy.
  • Either support this outcome and provide valid research as to why you support this or if you disagree with this outcome, provide valid research as to why you disagree.
  • Have a minimum of four, scholarly references no more than five years old (one source may be older if you are showing historical data to support or discredit this outcome)
  • Present in proper APA format
    • Header
    • Title page (not included in total page count)
    • Abstract
    • In-text citations
    • Reference page (not included in total page count)
    • Appendix if needed (not included in total page count)

Potential harm with open lung ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome (October 2017)

Previous randomized trials of open lung ventilation (combining the strategies of low tidal volume ventilation and high positive end-expiratory pressure [PEEP]), have shown inconsistent mortality benefit in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). However, a recent randomized trial reported that an open lung ventilation strategy, compared with a conventional ventilation strategy, resulted in higher mortality rates and an increased risk of clinically significant pneumothorax [19]. Based upon these data we now suggest not using open lung ventilation as an initial strategy in patients with