Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing using PICO

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the case study for this assignment is :

Case: Patient Education

Youare a nurse working in a busy inpatient medical surgical unit. Allpatients admitted that smoke chronically are given brief counselingby an RN and a self-help brochure about smoking cessation, but no followup counseling after that. You hear your coworkers complaining that theyfeel like they are wasting their time because they think the patients willresume smoking after discharge.

Nursing evidence-based practice (EBP), research, and qualityimprovement have a tremendous influence on current and future professionalnursing practice, thus rendering all these components essential in theeducational process. The Practice question (P), Evidence (E), and Translation(T) process (PET) are structural components of EBP (Dang & Dearholt, 2018).
PET is used to identify an answerable EBP question and to guidethe team in the evidence search process. The question, search terms, searchstrategy, and sources of evidence can be revised as the EBP team refines theEBP question.
This assignment will guide you to evaluate the development of thepractice question and the follow up search for a research article.

Select case study
Answer these questions.

What is the practice issue?
What is the current practice?
How was the problem identified?
What are the PICO components? (See Table 5.2 in Dang & Dearholt, 2018.)

P (patient, population, problem) e.g.: age, sex, setting, ethnicity, condition, disease, type of patient, or population.
I (intervention) e.g.: treatment, medication, education, diagnostic test, or best practice(s).
C (comparison with other interventions or current practice for foreground question, is not applicable for background questions which identify best practice)
O (outcomes) stated in measurable terms, may be a structure, a process, or an outcome measure based on the desired change. (e.g.: decrease in falls, decrease in length of stay, increase in patient satisfaction)

What is the practice question (PICO) in narrow manageable terms?

Find an article that supports this PICO question from the CSP library. The research article will need to be published within the last 5 years, with at least one author being a nurse. The CSP Library Video will help you with that process. ( (3:33)
Answer these questions.

What were the search strategy, database, and key words used to find the article?
What evidence was gathered as it relates to the practice question (PICO)? Give a short summary.
Include the reference of the article in APA 7th edition format.

Submit thisassignment by uploading the completed template 

Grading: Refer to the rubric fordetails.