Examine the implication when applying anticipatory based models within cold supply chain in FMCG sector.

Hi, i need to write Findings and Data analysis for my Dissertation, but i already have done my methodology which means i have 

already done my interviews for my dissertation, hence i want someone to write my findings and do data analysis for me    

with the interviews i have done… hope you understand what iam saying and what i want….basically only do the analysis of my 

interviews and do this chapter(Findings) for me….. to be clear again, i have mentioned that i have already done my interviews from 

people, hence the writer only have to analysis of the interviews and write in the findings chapter..so the writer doesn’t have to 

do any interviews, survey and all this for me.

I will upload the interview questions and the answers of it from the participants, after all my interviews are over

The chapter acts as a showcase of thesubmission.

It places the research question at itscentre and methodically presents a response to it. It is here that studentsdescribe what they 

have found out, what data sets have given particularinsights and how those insights illuminate the research question.

It is imperative that the content of thechapter is not seen as simple description of the collected data, but rather anarrative is 

presented that offers data analysis and critical interrogation inlight of the research question.

Part of the analysis should also includerecognition of the underpinning literature review which would further theanalysis process.

The objective of the chapter is toprovide the reader with a critical narrative that respond to the researchquestion, where the focus 

is not just on what has been discovered, but also whyany of that information is meaning full to the undertaken study.