Examining differences and similarities amongst religions regarding metaphysical or ethical concerns and what they can teach us?

Must be written in stages which will include abstract (150-200 words), and an outline (600+ words). Total of 2000+ words

will be written in stages. In the first stage, must submit a
150-200-word abstract framing the topic in a way that captures the reader’s
attention and stating their thesis – the position they wish to defend. They
should essentially be rough drafts of your introductory paragraph. In the second
stage, writer will submit outlines (~600 words long) that will include a
finalized introductory paragraph and, minimally, topic sentences for each body
paragraph that will explain the paragraph’s role in defending your thesis. In
the final stage, writer will engage in a peer review exercise to
help each other flesh out the content of body paragraphs and the defense of
theses. Students must engage in each stage of the writing process.