Exercise Effects/Benefits of Alzheimer’s Disease

  • For the APA-style annotated bibliography, students will be responsible for choosing 10 articles from their search and summarizing those articles in the correct format. This portion will be worth 50 points of the total grade. If you choose to complete the research paper please refer to the KIN496 research paper rubric (2000 words) and Purdue owl website.
    • You must appropriately cite at least 10 (ten) different professional references (journal articles) within your annotated bibliography.  Each of these references must be current (year 2012 to date), and all references must be research-based and from professional peer-reviewed research journals (e.g., Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise; International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism; Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation; Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research)Only one review article may be used.
      No textbooks are allowed as references.
    • It is strongly recommended that you locate your sources using a literature database such as google scholar, MEDLINE or PUBMED.  All of the papers cited in these data bases are peer-reviewed.
    • If you retrieve peer-reviewed research articles from the internet you must be able to document that you have obtained the complete article.  Just retrieving abstracts or summaries of these articles is not acceptable for referencing. I strongly suggest that you locate your sources early and then, if necessary, utilize the USM Interlibrary loan/document delivery services. You must  submit complete copies of ALL references cited. 

I need all DOI of references on a separate sheet. There isn’t a page count, I just need to annotate 10 sources (peer reviewed & only one systematic review)