Exhibit Critique Exercise

23Jan 2022 by

For this assignment, you will first locate (and provide a link to) an institution that provides its guests with at least two animal webcams. Here is a list of potential resources to help guide you  (Links to an external site.) , but a simple web search will suffice to locate institutions with webcams. You will then investigate the zoo or aquarium’s website and locate their map. Provide a link to this resource as well.
Next, write a 5-8 sentence summary of the institution’s manner of exhibit. You will need to review the map in its entirety in order to deduce how exhibits are grouped across the entire institution, and use the two or more webcams as a basis for your argument regarding the general type of exhibit that they provide. Are the exhibits immersive? Naturalistic? Functional? Theme and storyline? Your evaluation should also include a brief assessment of the associated advantages and disadvantages of this method of exhibitry. 
Submit your summaries and relevant links to this assignment as a file upload by the assigned due date.