fad diets assignment

Emily Johnson is a 38 year old mother of 2 who presents to her primary care physicians office with rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, dizziness, and fatigue. During initial intake, Emily states that she began the Military Diet after her being disappointed by her weight at her last doctors appointment. She weighed 196 pounds (height 54) at her appointment and since starting the diet last week she now weighs 188 pounds. She has been following the Military Diet which consists of half a grapefruit and black coffee for breakfast, 1 slice of toast, cup tuna with coffee for lunch, and 3 ounces of grilled chicken, apple, and 1 cup of green beans with tea for dinner.  She has been following this eating pattern for 7 days.  She reports that she is not exercising, and prior to this latest diet, she was eating on the go most meals, frequently dining out or driving through fast food restaurants.  Her doctor determines that she is severely dehydrated, and recommends that she see you to create a healthy, safe, weight loss program. 

  • Review Chapter 15 and 16 in your textbook.
  • Use your textbook to respond to the following questions (provide your responses in the Assignment Worksheet)