falling of rome

“The Fall of the Roman Empire in Western Europe was not a sudden collapse; instead it was the culmination of a long process the result of what historians have called overextension.”


When Rome fell in 476 AD to the hands of the German invader Odoacer, it had arguably been in a long steady period of decline.  Outside forces such as Germanic “barbarians” had already infiltrated Roman society.  New ideas such as Christianity fundamentally changed the way that Romans believed.  The Republic which once made Rome great no longer existed.  Meanwhile, civil war erupted as Rome seemed to be in a constant state of influx.  Arguably, Rome just lost its core values, which once made it great.

On this discussion board, assess the similarities between Rome and the United States.   


Begin by examining which of the following do you believe to be the predominant fall of Rome.  Make a claim statement for your next book as to WHY you believe Rome fell.


THEN  Assess whether or not you see any similarities between Rome and the United States.  Was Rome its own entity, and the United States is another, thus there are NOT similarities?  Or, do you think the modern-day U.S. is repeating in the footsteps of Rome? Use the guiding questions below to help you gather your thoughts.  Please research your answer and provide as many specific examples as you possibly can.

  • Are there any economic pitfalls existent in America today that are similar to the pitfalls of Ancient Rome?
  • Are there societal fragments apparent in our society today that are similar to that of Rome?
  • Are there any political aspects of the modern-day United States which are similar to Rome?
  • Arguably, Christianity appealed to so many Romans because it was “something new” and represented a departure from the traditional Rome which isolated many on the fringes.  Do we see anything similar to that in America today?
  • The United States has often been considered the “land of opportunity” for people.  Do Americans “believe” in America the way that we once did?  Do we still have the same opportunities?
  • Would you rather live in this current time in America, or if there were another era of American History you would live in, what would it be? Why?  
  • Similarly, do you think you would take “your life now”, or would you rather live in America 100 years from now?  Do you think there will be the same opportunities for your great-grandchildren as you have now?