Family perspective-Order now from

Family perspective-Order now from
Part 2: Observation of family and child in education or therapy setting
Observe the parent/family and child in an educational or therapy setting. The purpose of this exercise is to observe the interaction with other professionals, the child, and the family. During your observation, pay careful attention to the following:

Communication styles
Collaboration styles
Invitations for family involvement
Roles of professional and family
General incidents during your observation
You are required to take anecdotal notes on what you are observing. Keep in mind, these notes should be as objective as possible and you should be recording what you see WITHOUT any interpretations or judgments.
You will next write up an interpretation section, where you will reflect on the concepts mentioned above. Be sure that your reflection is rooted in your observational databased on what you have observed, you can interpret X, Y, and Z.
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