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26Jan 2022 by

 I will attach four files ( resume, cover letter, job description, RJ)
and answer these questions

How well organized is the resume according to the specific job description they’re working with? How could the look and design be improved to meet the job description? Provide specific suggestions. 
How well does the resume address the needs, qualifications, skills needed for the job? What’s unclear, or needing more? Provide specific suggestions. 
How effectively does the cover letter present an argument for hiring? Where could more or less information be given? Provide specific suggestions. 
How well does the cover letter take the qualifications, skills, and experience from the resume and transform them into a narrative and argument? Meaning, the resume may have bullet points and listings and some details, but how well does the cover letter turn these into sentences and paragraphs or sections that flow together? Provide specific suggestions. 
Lastly, how well has the RJ addressed the questions needed for reflection? Where is more information and/or detail needed? Provide specific suggestions.