Feminist Criticism, LIT CRIT LESSON

Your final project in this class will be a three- to five- (3-5) page double-spaced handout of feminist criticism and teaching for your classmates. The last page of your handout will be an MLA-formatted Works Cited page for all sources you used. You will need at least TWO works of literary criticism that are substantially relevant to your thesis. For your final project, choose one of the following topics:

2. LIT CRIT LESSON ON ONE PROSE WORK FROM THE ANTHOLOGY NOT COVERED IN A MINI RESPONSE PAPER OR VIRTUAL POSTER SESSION PROJECT. Teach us one of the following stories from the Norton Anthology of Literature by Women that you did not cover in a previous response paper or in your virtual poster session: Audre Lordes excerpt from Zami: A New Spelling of My Name. Include an original (not copied from any source) introduction to the life and work of your author for starters, not spending too much time on minor awards, but including the biggies, like a Pulitzer or Nobel Prize for Literature or a Guggenheim award. Spend most of your time and handout space on one particular work in the anthology and teach it to us, considering at least two of the following questions: what gender-race-class-related theme(s) does it cover; what literary techniques are most notable in the work (such as characterization, theme, dialogue, imagery, point of view); how was the work received, and why were you drawn to this work?