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You should complete this week’s reading assignments and view the supplemental reading materials before attempting this assignment. 
Complete this assignment as one discussion post.
3a. Describe FHIR : including what it is, its purpose, and at least 4 benefits of FHIR. Proceed to show (draw an original image depicting this – do not use an existing diagram) how  FHIR is used to enable health information exchange.   
3b. You will hear the term API used in the context of FHIR.  Define API , then proceed to compare FHIR and HL7 v2. Include at least 2 differences and 2  similarities 
3c. Describe the HL7 v2 message standard,  purpose, benefits, and how different it is from FHIR. 

Complete this is in at least 500 words
       Textbook: Principles of Health Interoperability SNOMED CT, HL7 and FHIR, third (3rd) edition(2016), by Tim Benson and Grahame Grieve, ISBN 978-3-319-30368-0
chapters 12, 18, and 19
       Textbook: Healthcare Code Sets, Clinical Terminologies, and Classification Systems, fourth (4th)edition, by Kathy Giannangelo, ISBN-13 : 978-1584266730  Textbook
chapter 15 (HL7 and FHIR sections)