Final HealthCare Project

For your final project of this course, you will be conducting a policyanalysis of a health policy of your choosing. 

Your first task is to identify your topic (i.e., policy) upon which youwill build your analysis, youwill be addressing the following key points: 

A summary of the policy. Who is impacted? What does/didit change? Has it undergone any revisions or amendments? 

Describe the current problems with the policy. Is this policyaddressing cost, quality, and/or access? Are there importantelements that are not addressed? 

Describe the policy variables that may impact theeffectiveness or reception of this policy such as populationgrowth or economic health. 

Identify the economic impact of the policy for the patient,the provider, and society. Will it increase healthcare costs?Will it benefit public health? Will new provider mandates berequired?

Even the best policies have opportunities for improvement.Make specific recommendations (s) to address problems withthe associated policy and identify what can be done toimprove this policy. 

You must use a minimum of 8 outside resources which are properlyreferenced. As a best practice, you should plan to use at least 2citations per page.

At least 5 pages (minimum) not including a reference page.