Final Paper-710-Order now from

Final Paper-710-Order now from
Global Leadership and Ethics (DBA 710)
Final Paper
Based on your research of global leaders and their impact in the organizations they serve, identify one global leader as the subject of your analysis. Develop a paper which analyzes the leaders role in influencing, shaping and defining a global organization or community. Submit your work in the
following phases:
1. Begin researching your global leaderModule One
2. Discuss the guidelines of the assignment in a synchronous chat sessionModule Two
3. Identify the leader you will analyze for your paperModule Three
4. Discuss the research which represents the foundation of your analysis in a synchronous chat sessionModule Four
5. Participate in a peer review with at least one of your classmatesModule Five
6. Discuss the findings and conclusions of your analysis in a synchronous chat sessionModule Six
7. Submit the final paperModule Seven
Your analysis should reflect your research and examination of one global leader (past or present) and the organization he or she serves. Your research should support your observations and conclusions.
The paper should refer to a minimum of 10 sources. Follow APA guidelines to format your assignment and to document and cite your sources.
At a minimum, the project should discuss:
A profile and background information about the leader
A profile of the organization or community in which the leader serves
The organizations role or impact in the community
A detailed analysis of the leadership style or model the leader exemplifies
A detailed analysis of the ethics and values of the leader
Accomplishments and achievements of the leader and the organization
Some challenges or conflicts the leader experienced, and strategies implemented to
overcome the challenges
How the leader creates or sustains a culture of ethical behavior and social responsibility in the organization
Specific examples of the leaders ethics or integrity or lack of ethics or integrity
How the leaders integrityor lack of integrityimpacts the organization and/or society
Whether the organization represents a culture of ethics
An analysis of the organizations culture and how it impacts its members ethical decisions
Factors that contribute to ethical and unethical decisions in the organization
Evidence that ethical value systems affect business performance
Your conclusions should be based on your research and analysis of the data you discover. Your project should be analytical, innovative and provocative. Do not be afraid to ask Why. Question your own and others assumptions and assertions. Your work should demonstrate critical reasoning, and your ability to think clearlyeven in ambiguous situations. The paper will consist of approximately 15 pages (approximately 4500 words) not including the cover page, abstract, reference page, and appendices. Submit your final paper during Module Seven. Follow APA guidelines to format your paper and to cite your sources. Use headings and subheadings to organize your work.
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