Final Research Paper

Guidelines: Based on the approved proposal (including revision), use the following points to guide your investigation, the formatting, and the submission of the final paper (APA).
1. Provide a title page. The title page should have the title at the top of the page, your name then course title in the middle of the page, and the due date at the bottom of the page. 1 page
2. Introduction page. The introduction should include the following: what the topic is about and how it relates to the practice of democracy in the U.S. In addition, the introduction section should include the research question/s and your educated guess/thesis. Lastly, provide a paragraph describing how the rest of the report/paper is organized – 1 page.
3a. Findings: Provide and discuss the evidence from sources (at least three sources) that helped answer you the research question/s and provided support for your argument. 1 – 2 pages.
3b. Analysis of Findings:  Discuss whether your thesis/educated guess was confirmed or not. What are the implications of your findings/conclusion for the future of American democracy? (1 2 pages).
4. Reference page.

PS: For sources, peer-reviewed journal articles/books, reputable media, and tertiary sources (textbooks) are acceptable.

Revision Notes:

See comments below and use the recommendations as guidelines during the research and writing the final paper.
1. Revise the title because it is too broad. Example: ‘The Role of Political Parties’. Or something along those lines.
2. Reformulate the research question. First, be specific on the political situation you think are impacted by the political parties. For example, Do the Parites divide or unite the nation?

You don’t have to use the specific example I provided. Consider using it as a template and come up with something closer to your thoughts on the topic.

Title: American Governmen A brief Introduction.
Author: Lowi, Ginsberg, Shepsle, and Ansolabehere
Edition: 16th
Publisher: Norton

proposal paper attached…