Fire Safety tips-Order now from

Fire Safety tips-Order now from
There are a few tips that should be followed to handle the fire situation. These points are derived from the fire safety drills and they are tried and tested. 
If a fire occurs the first thing you must do is to remain calm and focus on the ways of evacuating immediately. While evacuating you will be opening doors and while opening them first check the door handles, if hot, never open that door as there is the chance that that room is already on fire. The next precaution is do not to use the elevators, always use stairs in fire situations. If there is smoke in the air cover your face with fabric and use Flame Retardant Fabric in that way that smoke does not enter through your nose and mouth. If your clothes catch the fire do not panic, drop and start rolling until the fire is over, or you can use Fire Retardant Spray if it is available. These are the few tips you should follow while evacuation.   
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