FM009-Module 2

The Module Pre-Assessment is your opportunity to practice applying module content before submitting the final Competency Assessment. In the Final Assessment, you will be asked to conduct a SWOT analysis of a healthcare organization you select.
To prepare for your Final Assessment, select a health care organization (for-profit or nonprofit) for which you will complete a SWOT analysis. The organization may be your own institution or another; however, you must select a different organization from the one you selected for your Competency Discussion. After conducting research about the organization (see the Final Assessment instructions for guidance), consider the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the organization. Also, consider these points in the context of the organizations mission.
For this Module Pre-Assessment, create a draft of your SWOT analysis matrix (using the template provided) that includes a bulleted list of (a) strengths, (b) weaknesses, (c) opportunities, and (d) threats related to the healthcare organization you selected. Be sure to review Part I of the Final Assessment instructions for more details.
Note that you do not have to resubmit your Pre-Assessment to address feedback.