The Module Pre-Assessment is your opportunity to practice applying module content before submitting the final Competency Assessment. In Part II of the Final Assessment, you will be asked to create a proposal of strategic recommendations based on the SWOT Analysis conducted in Part I of the Final Assessment.
To prepare for your Final Assessment, consider the synergies, leading business and market indicators, relationships, and connections between categories in the SWOT analysis you conducted for Part I of the Final Assessment. Then, reflect on a rationale for the choices you made in each of the four SWOT quadrants: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Finally, think about strategic recommendations for the organization that align to information you gained in the SWOT analysis.
For this Module Pre-Assessment, create a draft of your strategic recommendations proposal. Be sure to review Part II of the Final Assessment instructions for more details and cite resources used to support your recommendations.
Note that you do not have to resubmit your Pre-Assessment to address feedback.