formal analysis

Directions: Visit an art gallery, museum or event related to art. Anywhere you can see art! Be creative. This can be a coffee shop, library, hospital you do not have to pay to view artwork. Notice what is already around you in your daily life. It is required that you view this artwork in-person (not online) during this current semester. Include the date you viewed the artwork.

Write a 500-word essay creating a formal analysis of the artwork.  Chapter 4 defines a formal analysis as an examination of the elements and principles of design present in an artwork and the process of deriving meaning from how those elements and principles are used by visual artists to communicate a concept, idea, or emotion. A formal analysis contains four aspects: description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation. Your essay should be broken up into these four aspects and label each aspect in bold. Refer to chapter 4, section 3 for how to research each of these aspects as well as examples for each aspect.