Forms of Government

26Jan 2022 by

What are some of the functions of government that make it a powerful institution? (question from page 288)Why do people disagree about the role government ought to play? (question from page 288)Learn more about your beliefs about the role of government with the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. This is sponsored by the Libertarian Party website. You don’t have to share your results with me. However do share with me if you are surprised by the results, or interested in what you learned about yourself. What does equality mean to you? How do you think a government can administer the ideal of individual freedom without infringing on the freedom of other individuals? (questions from page 288)What kind of government provides open elections but with only one candidate on the ballot? What kind might give voters a choice of candidates but have soldiers stationed at the polling place? (questions from page 288)Pick one of the governments you read about in chapter 15. What would you say are its strengths, and what are factors that concern you from your perspective? Are human rights a concern? Should America’s government be involved in trying to influence your concerns in any way? I encourage you to include some personal reflection on what you have learned this week. What concepts about forms of government were most helpful to you? How did it help you in understanding how the world is governed? Submit your responses in a file with an essay format. Include a cover page, page numbering, and make sure your citations are clear in your paper and in a full reference list. (French, Mexican, Nigerian, Russian, Saudi Arabian are the examples in the textbook reading).