Fundraising Tips for Success

Please follow the instructions below and ensure that each item is completely addressed to receive full credit consideration. Responses should be less than 150 words per question.

  1. Several staff members at Eat for Health are writing letters of appreciation to donors who have provided support for a recent program initiative. You noticed that each letter is different in that some are formal, some are informal, some are personalized, and some are not. Can the lack of letter-writing protocol negatively impact an agency’s relationships with its donors? Evaluate and assess the impact this can have on the agency’s reputation. Be specific in your response.
  2. The volunteer coordinator has been successful in recruiting volunteers to work on special fundraising events; however, she has not been successful retaining the volunteers. When you inquire about how she has been acknowledging the volunteers’ work on the fundraising events, she states that she is planning to have a dinner at the end of the year. She has not shared this information with any of the volunteers as there may not be any money in the agency’s budget to pay for the event. Besides her intentions of holding an appreciation dinner at the end of the year, she has not acknowledged the work of any of the volunteers. Assess the impact this can have on the reputation of the agency and on the agency’s ability to recruit and retain volunteers in the future. Please be specific in your response.