Future of Health Care in the U.S.

Please base discussion for New York State.

Choose the topic of cost, quality, or access. Thoroughly discuss its current state, trends, issues related to the ACA in the U.S. today. How has it impacted the basic elements of insurance coverage for uninsured Americans?
Compare and contrast the trends and issues of U.S. health care with other countries health care systems. What considerations or interventions could be suggested based the success of other countries health care policies? What could be the impact on basic insurance coverage for the uninsured? Where and how would you begin to suggest this change be reviewed?
Discuss the Nurses role and how they could positively impact the success of this proposed future health care system.
Respond to peers who discussed topics you did not choose. Manage your own discussion building on the information you presented.

Support your initial post with at least 4 sources including scholarly journal articles and well respected, appropriate websites.