gender bias in the work place

A reflection on the following video

2- Write a Reflective Summary of 300 words on what you have watched:
• Add a title to your reflective summary
• Paragraph 1: Summarize the main points of the video in one paragraph (150-170 words)
• Paragraph 2: Add an opinion paragraph in which you reflect on what you have summarized (150-170 words) (e.g., do you dis/agree with the statement and if yes/no, explain why….)
• link your response (the opinion paragraph) to a reading/lecture that we have covered so far and cite that source of information both inside the text and in the Reference list following APA style.
3- Your text should flow well in terms of coherence and cohesion
4- Your attached document can appear in 3 pages:
• A-page 1: a cover page including your name, and information and the title of your reflective summary 
• B-page 2: your response: double spaced, Times New Roman Font, size 12
• C-Page 3: the reference page where you cite the source of information you have used to back up your response.