Gender Identity

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Gender Identity 
In this discussion post, you will examine how the media constructs gender norms. Your response must meet the minimum of 300 words.  If you find the images online, please add the link at the bottom of your post. You do not need to use APA style format or citation in this discussion post.  You will need to respond to two other discussion posts which is in writing prompt D listed below. Your response must be at a minimum of 50 words.   
1. Pick from one of the following forms of media and examine the gendered images and messages created about what it means to be a man and woman in society: on-line advertisements, television commercials, printed advertisements. Make sure to describe the type of images in your post. 
2. After examining your form of media, discuss the following writing prompts
A. What messages are being conveyed about what it means to be a boy/man or girl/woman in society?
B. Do the images and messages you see maintain the gender binary (conforming), Challege it (non-conforming) or redefine it? 
C. How are people “doing gender” in the form of media you have chosen? 
D. Choose two other posts to respond. Do you notice any patterns across your and your classmates’ observations?

For this discussion post, I am using 3 different photos/advertisements to show Media and Gender norms, specifically what it was like from 2011-to 2017 as well as recent as 2021. Linked at the bottom of this post are the links to see the advertisements. The first Ad is a Huggies ad from 2014 with a photo of a dad holding a baby with the caption “put leak lock to the ultimate test…dad!”, which portrays “oh look even dads can change the babies diapers even though the mother is supposed to”. The second ad is a Mr. Clean ad from 2011 is a photo of a mother and daughter and a Mr. Clean sponge with the caption “This mothers day, get back to the job that really matters” which portrays “the only job women are supposed to do is clean”. The last ad is a Fluide Beauty ad from 2021 which has 2 gender non-conforming individuals advertising new makeup products for the beauty company. The first 2 ads present gender binary while the last ad presents non-conforming. Why? the first 2 present male and female gender roles that have been set upon them by society while the last one allows them to present themselves how they feel without restrictions set on them by society. The first ad is “doing gender” by trying to make it seem manly to take care of the baby when the mother is occupied, while I think it did a great job portraying that I don’t think they needed to add the word “dad” at the end of the caption. They could have simply left it off and brought a better meaning to the ad because without the word “dad” it would’ve shown that anyone can take care of the child no matter their gender and gender identity. The second ad is “doing gender” by showing that the mother takes care of the kids but their main job is to clean. While I believe they didn’t mean for the ad to be taken that way, that’s how it was perceived by the media. Everyone can clean and it doesn’t need to be only the mother’s job. The last ad is “doing gender” by breaking the gender roles and I believe it did a great by showing that everyone can wear makeup no matter what their gender and gender identity is. All ads were made to be perceived a certain way, but some were taken out of context by the media and should have been created without gender roles put onto them. 

2nd response 
I think in television commercials advertisers are trying to mix it up a bit, but they do still use women for mostly cooking and cleaning advertisements. I see mostly men in commercials for alcohol, home improvement, cars. Yes, I think most of the commercials are conforming to what people see as the typical gender roles, with women doing the work in the home and outside the home, men working outside the home and coming home from a hard days work. I have also noticed in some commercials and some tv shows, the woman is usually very attractive, yet the man is just an average looking man. I think the media gives women a higher expectation on how she should look, which is so unfair, even when we doing work around the house or when we are tired. It makes me happy to see commercials that have men with the cleaning products or in the grocery store or a woman buying a car. We still have a long way to go. I think even with the infomercials for cleaning products or cooking products it is a man showing how to use the cleaning product or the airfryer etc and a woman helping to sell it.