Gender Socialization

From what you know about your own upbringing, what were the major socializing agents in your childhood? Discuss what behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, etc. you learned from these agents and how your socialization has influenced the person you are today.
 Toys for female children often socialize them to be talkative, relational, expressive, and domestic. Toys for male children often socialize them to minimize talking while focus on strategizing (army toys), on physical aggression (guns, actions figures), on thinking (building blocks), on danger (swords, grenades). 
Think of your experience as child and what toys helped to socialize you. 

Describe what toys, items, or activities you think had a significant influence on your present adult behaviors, attitudes, values, etc. and how/why. I tend to agree with research in that both sexes lack characteristics due to gender socialization. For instance, females may focus too much on relationships while males have difficulty discussing their feelings. 
Do you think the way our culture socializes girls and boys is positive or negative? Both? 
How do you think you might socialize a child if you were the parent? 
Would you do it the same or differently from the way you were raised? Why?