Geograpghy- Air Pressure & Winds

Study the isobaric maps below and then respond to the questions below.
A.                                                                                                            B.
After studying these two maps of Asia answer the following questions:

What month (or season) is Map A showing and what month (or season) is Map B showing?
Explain the change in pressure from Map A to Map B.  Why has the type of pressure over Asia changed and what caused this change?
Describe the winds associated with the pressure shown in Map A and in Map B.  Describe the type of weather associated with the winds for each of these maps and what is causing these winds.
Describe the type of pressure that would be seen over North America (the US) for the months you’ve identified for Map A & Map B.  In other words, how would North America’s pressure systems look at the same time of year and how would that influence weather?