Geographic Information Science

The purpose of the GIS application research design paper is to give students an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the key GIS topics covered in this course through an application-focused research paper. 

The Major Points and Tips
  • Students will select an application area of interest to them and provide detailed information on key geospatial questions; the information, data and tools used to answer them; presentation and usage; and overall findings.
  • Students ARE NOT expected to perform any GIS analysis, rather, students will summarize specific tools and workflows that could be used and expected outcomes consider this paper more of a custom research design paper.
  • All sections described below in the details are required for a full score on the final paper.
  • Tip the use of tables in the paper will be helpful for organizing some of the information./li>
  • Don’t approach this work in a strictly linear fashion.  You’ll identify your questions first, but they may be refined based on data and tools.  Along the same lines, data and tools can affect one another as well.  As part of the paper’s final conclusions, note some of the things encountered that modify your questions, data and/or tools.  Remember the framework ->