Begin by reading page 8.3 in the webtext about SMART goals and long-term goal setting. Follow the directions on those pages to come up with two long-term goals for your own life one related to your academic future and one for your career/professional future. Follow the SMART framework outlined in the webtext to make sure each goal is: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely
Step 2: Create your Action Plans
Read pages 8.5-8.7 in the webtext to review a sample Action Plan and begin creating your own. Then go to for this assignment to begin filling in your two action plans using the chart provided. Delete the example provided there in red and fill it in with your own plan. You will need four short-term goals for each of your two long-term goals.
Your action plans should include at least one short-term goal that makes use of a resource on website.

Below your action plans, reflect on this exercise and your next steps. Respond to the following questions in a few sentences each:

Do the short and long-term goals Ive laid out here match my interests, abilities, and values?
What questions or concerns do I still have about my goals? How can I work with others to resolve my concerns?
When I think about achieving these long-term goals, how do I feel?
How has my thinking about my academic and career/professional goals and plans changed during this Cornerstone course?