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The main goal of this work should be Analyzing the reality tv show (the amazing race)  in terms of narrative, structure, context and semiotics. 

Do not use quotation marks, colons, boldface, all caps, underlining, or periods on paper or page titles.

Open every body paragraph with a clear topic sentence that gives one reason why the thesis is true.

prove this statement with a combination of your own theories, interpretations and explanations, bolstered by specific, cited episode examples. Aim for 2-3 per body paragraph.

revamp the body paragraphs to address the thesis statement. 

Include end quotes in the introduction as well as in opening quotation marks. 

Include a more thorough show description, appropriate to orient non-viewers of the show, in the introduction. It should be like you’re explaining it to someone who has never heard of the show to give off a general overview. 

It should address the main purpose of the reality show including what the show presents for viewers both positively and negatively. 

Avoid self-conscious and direct-address writing in formal writing situations. 

statement of parts must be presented accurately, so that readers can anticipate and logically follow the arguments.

Remember to either italicize or underline major titles, like books, magazines, TV shows, websites etc. Parenthetical citations must also appear after all outside material.