Get 100% answered question/English/discourse and genre analysis of the latino community

§  Establish, through application of Swales’ 6 traits, that the community is a discourse community

§  Analyze a key or otherwise foundational genre used by the discourse community

§  Develop an argument re: the community’s use of that genre and its impact on the furtherance of their community goals/values 

This will be produced in an essay for an academic audience. Assume your audience is interested in studying that community but is not a part of it. Make decisions for your audience based on the needs of an academic audience, including decisions about source use, paragraph structure and organization, formatting, and other key rhetorical moves. 

This project requires significant primary research and working with primary sources. This is research that you will gather, review, and analyze yourself, rather than relying on expert sources to provide information and analysis to you. 


Primary sources can be many different types of sources. They are often first-hand accounts and can be journals or diaries, newspaper articles, oral histories, memoirs and autobiographies, photographs, etc. There isn’t always a clear line between primary and secondary sources: it often depends on how you’re using the source. However, secondary sources tend to be sources in which an author is analyzing their own collection of primary sources, building an argument from them. 

§  The primary sources must be produced by the discourse community but do not have to be a certain mode (might be print, oral, visual, multimodal, a combination of multiple modes, etc.)

including Works Cited/bibliography 

§  Must include a clear and well-supported argument (does not need to be a thesis-driven argument and organization style, however)

§  Must demonstrate writing skills such as summary, synthesis, and analysis

§  Must include direct references to the text using direct quotes/paraphrase 

Must cite in-text in addition to end-of-essay citations (follow rules of a style such as MLA, APA, or Chicago)