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The Dark Side of Consumer Behavior and Marketing 
Description as published in the course syllabus.

Semester Writing Assignment Essay (100 points)

Students must select one of the following general topics.



1.            Materialistic behavior

2.            Addictive compulsive behavior

3.            Consumer theft

4.           Black markets

5.            Targeting vulnerable market segments


Deviant consumer behavior includes both illegal and psychologically/physically abnormal behavior. Deviant acquisition behaviors include compulsive buying, consumer theft, and black markets, and deviant consumption behaviors include addictive and compulsive consumption and underage drinking and smoking. Such behaviors are pervasive within consumer society, and although some (e.g., black markets) can offer consumer benefits, most others can have negative effects on consumers and within the social groups engaged.

Moreover, questions can be raised about whether and/or the extent to which marketing practices influence behaviors. Promotional campaigns have been accused of perpetuating idealized body images and creating materialistic values. It has also been accused of failing to represent key consumer segments in society or representing them stereotypically.


What to do.

This assignment is to be considered a major course requirement and represents an exercise to perform a formal review of the literature on the selected topic.  

1.       Use library database from New Jersey City University library database.  You will need one academic journal references and five to seven additional professional/commercial sources.  You will need one reference from section B.

2.      Include the standard course cover page and the APA formatted reference page. 

3.      Include a header, be sure to paginate. 

4.     Be sure to adhere to the guidelines of formal business writing, grammar, spelling and punctuation.