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-Use chapter 13 in the Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions textbook (you can use the other readings for week 6 as additional sources for the paper, but ch 13 should be the main focus). Write two pages discussing what chapter 13 says about the history of gender, politics and the women’s movement. What do the authors discuss in terms of the importance of politics in advancing gender equality?

Paper Writing Guidelines: Response papers must be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, and must have 1-inch margins. Don’t use “I.” Your name, date and course name must appear at the heading of your papers. You must utilize proper rules for any citations (such as parenthetical citations). MLA-style is acceptable. See Purdue OWL online for any assistance with writing papers. There is also a writing center on campus. Points are deducted for not following the guidelines or the above reaction paper format, and for poor grammar, misspellings, or unclear writing. Additional points are deducted for late papers.