Get 100% answered question/Internet Technology (IT)/cybersecurity strategic operations

DO NOT use bullets.  Provide in-depth discussion by explaining your answers so you can show that you are proficient in applying the course materials in the real world.

  1. 1. Discuss protection mechanisms and countermeasures you would put into place in a large medical record holding facility.   Describe your organization.   Give your organization a creative name.
  3. 2.  Discuss what you would consider when writing a cybersecurity policy for a toy building block business with a multi-billion-dollar annual profit.  Describe your business.   Give your business a creative name.
  5. 3.  Discuss how you would assess the risk of identity theft in an online grocery order & delivery organization.  Describe your organization.  Give your organization a creative name.
  7. 4.  Discuss how you would classify the data/information of an international travel business.  Describe the university.  Give your university a creative name.
  9. 5.  Discuss cybersecurity concerns specific to a small family owned business.   Use what you learned in the course and what you saw/see happening in the world.  Be sure to cover a couple of your favorite topics from the course. Describe your business.  Give your business a creative name.