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This is your Key Assesment assignment.  In this assignment you will combine all of the knowledge you have gained in this course for the last 8 7 weeks.  In addition, you will increase your knowledge about child maltreatment.  The most frequent victims of child maltreatment are toddlers.  You have completed a powerpoint presentation and a video presentation in the course thus far.  You will combine the two formats and submit a powerpoint presentation narrated by you.
The Assignment
Assignment: The most frequent victims of child maltreatment are toddlers. You will read through the most recent Child Maltreatment Annual Report which can be assessed from the Children’s Bureau and the Child Welfare Information Gateway. You will research the questions below and develop a presentation answering each question. Present your reserached information by preparing a powerpoint and adding your narrated voiceover to the slide presentation.

1: What form of maltreatment is reported most often?
2: What factors increasde a child’s risk for maltreatment?
3: What five states reported the highest number of maltreatment cases?
4: Who was the most frequent perpetrator?
5: How many cases involved child care providers?
6: What are the two prevalent risk factors in child maltreatment?
7: What is your responsibilty as a caregiver about reporting suspected abuse or neglect of a child?
8: In your state, who do you report your suspicions about abuse or neglect?
Submit your powerpoint voiceover presentation that addresses the questions above. Powerpoint should have at least 10 slides and your voice over narration should be on each slide.
Grading Criteria
Maximum points are given when:
  Detailed answers to each question (10 points for each question)
  Presentation voiceover narration included (15 points for each)
  Powerpoint presentation submitted (5 points)
  Points are deducted for errors in spelling and grammar.  Also noted is clarity of the submission and students comprehension of the content (5 points)