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In your MLA word document do the following:

  • You will format your bibliography according to the example given. *Review the information in this source (Links to an external site.)
  •  (Links to an external site.)Please put your thesis in your paper right before the entries in the bibliography
  • List the letters below for your bibliography and put your sources that qualify for that category under each letter. So internet sources will go under A. Internet sources (Remember, that just because it is on the internet does not mean that  it is in this category. Internet sources would be webpages. They are not online newspapers or magazines or journals.) Distribute your entries under each letter below to signify which kind they are. Every one of your sources should be credible according to the standards of academic credibility. Remember the evaluation that we did on the poor source?
  • Your first paragraph under each should briefly *summarize the source in relation to your project.
  • The second paragraph should *evaluate the text (see the sample in the source above).
  • The third paragraph should* reflect on how you will use this for your research. 
  • You should have three paragraphs for each source, in all the categories. The exception for d. is only that you will just describe and explain what you hope to do with the source and how it will fit in your paper. You have to plan for this primary source. You could use an interview with someone such as an expert or someone impacted by your topic. OR you could design a survey that you would administer to a number of people regarding your topic. You can do it on Facebook or by email or with written questions. The results are not due with the annotated bibliography, so you would merely describe what you decided to do and cite it. When you get to the last which is the primary resource, IfLinks to an external site.using an interview, use knight cite (Links to an external site.)   When citing a poll or survey you created follow this example: Your last name, First name “Title of the poll or Survey.” Then either Poll, Questionaire or Survey. 
  • You will submit your assignment at the link by the due date. 


Also remember that encyclopedias and dictionaries are not considered for academic research, though you may use them if needed in your final paper, but do not put them in the annotated bibliography. 

  1. Internet— 1 2 source
  2. Academic Journals, Articles, and/or Periodicals— 4 5 sources
  3. Academic Books— 1 -4 sources
  4. Original Research (this would be an interview of an expert, either through email or in person, or a poll or survey that you design and conduct)— 1 source