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Paper # 1 Topic: Becoming a Helper and My Philosophy of a Helping Professional

Discuss your personal attitudes, beliefs, and philosophy about the helping profession. Share your personal reasons and motivations for wanting to become a helper by reflecting on the following:

  1. What has attracted you to the helping profession?
  2. Your culture, values, hopes, dreams, and aspirations in life.
  3. Your characteristics, abilities, and life experiences.
  4. Who/what in your life has influenced your decision?

Identify and discuss the characteristics and helping skills that you already have and the characteristics and skills that you think are most important to learn and acquire to become an effective helper. Reflect and explore your fears and self-doubts in pursing the helping profession.

Identify and discuss some of your most important values that you think will have a direct impact/bearing on being able to work with clients. What values and beliefs do you have about the capacity of people to change? How can change best be facilitates? Moreover, what constitutes effective helping?