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Sociological Perspective, Culture and Socialization 

Submission requirements: See Canvas

Instructions: Choose only five (5) questions to answer. Answer to the best of your ability using discipline specific content and in class discussions. Retype the questions you are answering. All parts of the question must be answered in order to receive full points. Each question is worth 2 points.    

1. Concisely explain the classical theories functionalism, conflict theory and symbolic interactionism. As part of this explanation state if they are micro or macro level perspectives and state the classical theorist to which they are associated.

2. Auguste Comte contributed positivism to sociology. Define positivism? Explain one qualitative research and one quantitative method of data collection, be sure to identify its advantages and disadvantages.

3. Define the sociological imagination and who contributed that concept to sociology? How is the article Seeing Is Believing illustrative of the sociological imagination, the answer would require sourcing the article?

4. In the article, I Suffer Alone While Suffering with Many, what is meant by “the more entrenched I became in the “culture” of eating disorder treatment, the more the beliefs of other anorexics became my own?” Also, how would Charles Cooley and Herbert Mead interpret this statement?

5. Define culture, how is it symbolic? Explain the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis and the role of language in culture? Differentiate between subculture and counterculture.

6. What is socialization? Identify and explain one agents of socialization how are agents and social location important to the socialization of self, be sure to include either Charles Cooley or Herbert Mead’s perspectives to complete the answer?