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(This is a Humanities paper) Summarize and critique a scholarly article from an academic journal dealing with one of the works of literature, artistic masterpieces or historical events. The first half of your essay should present a concise, objective summary of the author’s thesis, major supporting points and evidence, along with a clear understanding of the topic’s overall importance to the reader. The second half of the essay should present a detailed evaluation, assessing the validity of the author’s thesis, commenting on the implications of the argument as it relates to topics we have been discussing in class, and offering your own insight into the issues developed in the original article. Direct quotes from the article, as well as paraphrases and specific references to key concepts and arguments should be cited in your essay using MLA-style citations. Be sure to include a works cited page at the conclusion of the essay. 

* (Please use the attachment article file 885118 as the main source, 2 more schorlarly source can be use as supportive source) 

* (the second attachment is an example of how the paper should be)