GIS Assignment

Write a two-page (APA format, double-spaced) report based on the attached map of water and air sampling results of MTSU’s campus. The map displays total Air Particles found in the air at specific locations and the pH of the water at the same locations.  In your report, follow the outline below. Make sure you have at least 2 reliable sources (government agency, nonprofit, peer-reviewed article, academic institution, etc.) referenced in your report.
– Short introduction of why air and drinking water quality is important.
– Seek out and find air and water quality standards (for the specific metrics you have obtained in this study) and be sure to cite them.
– Describe why it is important to collect water and air samples (provide citations). 
– Describe the results of your study (any particular area of campus worse than others? any area above the standards? Any trends that you see? 
– What else would you want to know regarding the environment on Campus as it relates to health?