Global Leadership

The paper must require students to incorporate at least 3 outside sources (scholarly articles, theoretical texts, etc. NOT popular newspaper or magazine articles.). •
4. The paper must take a position on an issue and make a case for what you hold.
 The paper should give your position on if global leadership is something you are born with or something you must learn.  Incorporate a Global Leader of your choice that exemplifies your choice.  Be sure to back up your argument and use 3 sources (scholarly articles, theoretical texts but no popular newspapers or magazine articles)
The audience for your paper is a panel.  A multi-national business owner, a human rights activist, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, or a professor you want to convince.  You may choose one or all.
Think about what you have learned in class in the documentaries, the videos, the books and assignments you have done. Pull information from that content to use.
The paper must begin in an interesting way, to capture the reader’s attention. You can use “I” in the intro and conclusion. Is there a part of a story that impacted you? Can you tie that in?
It must have a clear thesis that states your position and summarizes your reasons (the thesis).
The body of the paper must contain your supporting points (a.k.a. arguments).
The supporting arguments must include references (at least three) to authoritative or scholarly sources, not popular sources.
Your arguments may come from class readings, scholarly (library) sources, and/or authoritative websites like Refugees Unknown or Set Them Free or others. It should conclude with a personal statement of why you hold your position (in place of a boring conclusion that merely restates what you just said).. It should be carefully edited for transitions, writing errors, and plagiarism. Here is an example of a framework you can use.
A. INTRO: Begin with an interesting story, incident, experience, moving vignette/story from your reading or personal experience. Why did you choose what you did? (Global leaders are born or Global leaders are made) and or why did you choose the person you did to represent that argument?
B. Lead into your thesis and make sure to state it and add information about your reasons for your argument. Follow your thesis statement with a summary of your reasons, or how you are backing your argument up.  Might sound like this “I hold this position for these three reasons.”
C. Begin developing your principal reasons for your position. They can be a combination of moral, religious, political, economic, personal reasons—to support your thesis–This portion should be about 3-4 pages long.
D. Conclusion. Explain how you were personally affected by learning about global leadership and how the books we read in class impacted you and how the organizations you learned about like “Set Them Free” and “Refugees Unknown” and other videos/films impacted you. 

– A book to cite is “Mighty Be Our Powers”.      Gbowee, L. (2011).  Mighty be our powers: How sisterhood, prayer, and sex changed a nation at war.  New York, NY:       
-If you need pages from the book I can take pictures of some. 
-Links to helpful videos on leadership