Government assignment

Tesla Motors, the company that sells environmentally friendly and high-quality electric cars, has faced problems in the last several years regarding its method of selling cars.

It seems that many states have regulations banning the direct sales of cars by companies to consumers, claiming that selling cars directly to consumers would put consumers at risk, as people need a knowledgeable, independent sales intermediary who is capable of guiding individuals through the buying process and can later be called on for support in the event of difficulties with the vehicle.
As a result, Tesla motors has been prevented from selling its cars directly to people in many states and it has been battling state legislatures across the nation to change these laws.

In this response, please articulate what you think about this situation. Should states have the right to ban Tesla from selling its cars directly to consumers? Should Tesla be required to sell its cars through independent dealerships, in order to protect the publics well being? Is this a legitimate state law that allows states to utilize their police powers to protect the public interest? Or are these state laws a violation of Teslas economic liberty that would have been overturned in the early 20th century under the logic of economic due process?