Grand Strategy

In a concise, 5-to-7 page paper, discuss grand strategywhat it is, why it matters, and how it relates to supporting policy efforts. From there, discuss they ways in which strategy, policy, and intelligence interact in the pursuit of national-security aims in the abstract (ideal) sense. (You will discuss how they interact in reality when you write your final paperfor now, we are focusing on concepts.) These are complex issues with competing definitions, views, and arguments. Using the course materials addressed and discussions engaged in through Lesson 4, explain what you think is most important about the strategy-policy-intelligence relationship. Be careful and concise in your use of definitions for strategy, policy, and intelligence, and be sure that your subsequent argumentation is based on the definitions you provide.

  • You will need to:
    • Define the term
    • Identify from what field of study this term is commonly used or from which it originated (ie cognitive dissonancepsychology)
    • Explain how this term can be applied to the study of grand strategy.