Grant Writing -without the actual grant proposal-just the ideas behind it (problem solving). My offer is $380 (up front to be paid is $50.00 plus the $61.60

You will write a detailed proposal to solve the problem as I’ve indicated.  

There is a proposal Writing text assigned for this paper, it is called “Proposal Writing: Effective Grantsmanship for funding, Edition 5.   Authors are Soraya Coley and Cynthia Scheinberg, which can be rented on Amazon for 

$20 for up to 3 months (which I will cover in my offer) This book  is
used in both grant writing and for problem solutions.

This assignment focuses on the problem-solving
aspect of this: Most social service agencies working with

 government agencies can only charge for ‘face time’ with clients. Agencies can’t submit for phone calls, but can for  facetime meetings like Zoom with clients.    This is what is considered the problem. Can this be solved? How? 

You will need to research (probably contact  2-4 agencies, regardless of where, to ask them. You would need to furnish who you talked to, agency name and email address. Because of this, I am offering an additional $80 for this element alone. 

 You will also create a PowerPoint in which you summarize your proposal and solution (which I will fine tune)

 This project will make up a significant portion of my final grade so must be good. While there is
not a specific set of writing expectations, this must be a detailed proposal. 

 The following is the outline of your final project
that you will submit. Please remember that this is a graduate

 project and the assignment you
work submit should reflect graduate-level work.  Please see attachment for my writing style.

1. Project Introduction
• This should include a history of the things you considered and completed when
completing your project.
2. The agency name and the agency contact person you worked with to complete your
project. In addition, complete a description of the agency and services they provide.
3. A clear problem statement of the identified problem.
4. A clear description of why this is a problem and how it was identified. Were other
problems considered?
5. Research the history of the problem, not only at this agency but the history in general in
other agencies that have faced a similar problem. This will take effort on your part to
complete this research. Simply saying, “I could not find anything” will not suffice. This
section should be 3-5 pages.
6. Repeat the problem statement and propose possible solutions. Justify how you came to
these possible solutions. This should be a detailed solution including cost analysis,
possible pitfalls, possible roadblocks, and so forth. Each of these should be discussed in
detail. Are there any other concerns that need to be addressed?