Graphic Designer

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My Graphic designer of choice is Neville Brody. Below you will find the instrutions for the assingment.

 Research must include at least three book or article sources. Wikipedia is not an academic source. This means that you cannot rely solely on the Internet for your information. However, if it is a contemporary graphic designer and they have their own website, you may use that as a source.

The structure of the project:
Page 1 – Cover page with your name and the graphic designer
Page 2 – Background on the designer
Page 3 – Work 1 (image and bullet points describing the object/style)
Page 4 – Work 2 (image and bullet points describing the object/style)
Page 5 – Work 3 (image and bullet points describing the object/style)
Page 6 – Work 4 (image and bullet points describing the object/style)
Page 7 – Compare with other(s) from the time period, use specific examples
Page 8 – Bibliography of sources consulted in MLA or Chicago style

Please note: your list of resources should be in proper bibliographic format and you can choose MLA or Chicago style.

Introduction and identification


Who is the designer?
What is the subject or title?
What are the technique and materials?
Where and when was the work made?

Subject matter (content/iconography): What type of image and poster is it? What do you think was its function?

Description and Composition:

What elements are used to give form to the design? Are there photographs? Text? Drawings? Other forms or shapes?
What colors are used for the elements? How to they inform the design?
Discuss font style and usage.
How has the designer chosen to arrange elements? How do these parts relate to one another? Do they reinforce or undermine the message/information?
Is the composition symmetrical?  Does it appear crowded or spacious?  Do shapes vary or repeat?
What is the proportion between “solid” and “empty” areas?  Is the emphasis on the center of the image or in peripheral areas? 
Is there a message that the designer wished to make clear? How do the compositional elements work to inform you of this?
How would you describe the style of the work? How does it compare to the designer’s contemporaries?

  NOTE: Your analysis of the objects is the most important part of the project!