Grinch Personality Case Study

Watch the television classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

It needs to be the ORIGINAL from 1966 which is 26 minutes long. Currently, this can be found for free at the following links or in segments on YouTube.
YouTube Playlist: 

In a case study style write up, select a single theoretical approach to explain BOTH the Grinchs personality and personality transformation that occurs in this classic cartoon.

The Case Study should be written in general APA format (e.g., cover page, margins, in-text citation, reference page) and organized into the following three distinct sections:
Section 1: History  Based on the information provided, describe 1. the key individual factors 2. presenting issue/symptoms and 3. diagnosis (do not need to code this).
Section 2: Treatment Plan/ Explanation  Select and describe a theoretical perspective (provide a general background) and then describe the appropriate treatment (actions, typical reactions, results, determinants of effectiveness).  Include treatment goals, process and outcomes (according to the theory).
Section 3: Discussion  Brief conclusion that discusses the strengths/weaknesses of the treatment/explanation and any implications.