HA: Pregnant Women and Children

Read and review this week’s required materials, and then choose one of the assigned topics listed below to compose a two- to three-page APA Style paper, not including cover or reference pages, describing a situation or scenario affecting pregnant women or children. Include an introductory paragraph and a short conclusion. Discuss ways to improve the population’s health.
Topics include:

Healthcare systems
GOs and NGOs
Infectious, communicable, and noncommunicable diseases
Perinatal and neonatal health
Malaria infection
Maltreatment and injuries

The paper’s body should include at least three of the following sections:


Detailed description of the situation
Affected populations or communities

Ways to improve the community’s or population’s health
Potential consequences

Visit the WHO Maternal Health (Links to an external site.) and WHO Child Health and Development  (Links to an external site.)for more information.

Include at least two scholarly or peer-reviewed sources and cite and reference in APA Style.