Harm Reduction Model

22Jan 2022 by

Please watch the 16-minute video and then respond to the following questions.  I anticipate a minimum of three sentences per question response. (https://www.ted.com/talks/mark_tyndall_the_harm_reduction_model_of_drug_addiction_treatment/transcript?language=en#t-798666)

1. What are the benefits of harm reduction models according to Tyndall?
2. What counter-arguments does Tyndall offer to those who oppose harm reduction models?
3. How would a conflict theorist explain why IV drug use is criminalized in the United States?
4. Using the symbolic interactionist perspective, discuss the social meanings associated with drug use as presented in the video.
5. Refer back to the list of five societal consequences of drug use in your textbook.  Provide an argument for which consequence would be most improved by implementing a harm reduction model as a treatment for drug addiction. (provided in files from the textbook).