Alvord, L. & VanPelt, E.C. (2000). The Scalpel and theSilver Bear: The First Navajo Woman Surgeon Combines Western Medicine andTraditional Healing. New York: Bantam Books. ISBN-13: 978-0553378009.

1.   Provide ageneral introduction to the book.
2.    State the topic or overall function of the book.
a.    Why was it written?
b.    What it is supposed to do?
3.    Briefly summarize the information or lessons containedin the book. (This section should only be oneparagraph!)  
4.    Describe your own reaction to the book.
a.    Was the book satisfying?
b.    Did it hold your interest?
c.    Answer the question: Did this book actually accomplishwhat it was supposed to?
5.    Provide your recommendation.
a.    Would you recommend this book to other readers?
b.    Why or why not?
6. ***  Include an in-depth discussion of 1.    Lessonsfrom patients thestories of two of Dr.Alvord’s Navajo patients. Be sure to show what each patient taught her aboutNavajo culture and about being a good doctor.

a.    Why did you choose this topic?
b.    Why did you choose the type of visual project(Interactive Graphic Image) that youchose?
c.    How does your project illustrate the topic you chose? (Interactive Graphic Image)