Health Care and the Homeless

Research health care needs of the homeless and the organizations that assist the homeless in the Dallas area.

In the essay, complete the following:

Choose one homeless organization from your local or regional community.
Contact a leader in the organization and find out the health care needs of the homeless.
Describe how health care professionals can partner with organizations that serve the homeless in the local or regional community.
Describe how a leader in a health care organization can initiate collaborations between health care entities and homeless organizations.
Describe the role integrity plays in supporting health care organization compliance goals in a homeless organization setting.
Describe the leaders responsibilities for ethical and compliance considerations when working with homeless populations.
Describe how the Christian worldview might motivate a health care professional to get involved with the homeless.
From a Christian worldview perspective, explain why it is important for health care professionals to be involved in advocacy work such as the development of policy/procedures that assist the homeless and/or direct assistance for the homeless.

Use a minimum of five scholarly resources in addition to the homeless organization that you have chosen.